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Diversity Matters

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EEA conference

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8:00 A.M. – 8:45 A.M. Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:50 A.M. Welcoming Remarks - President Nook, Mayor Brown and Mayor Hart

9:05 A.M. Morning Keynote “Energizer” – Jason Sole, President NAACP Minneapolis

EEA 2017 will provide attendees with a toolboz to assist with creating and nurturing a:

  • Value of Diversity. Accepting and respecting differences—different cultural backgrounds and customs, different ways of communicating, and different traditions and values.
  • Be Culturally Self-Aware. Culture—the sum total of an individual's experiences, knowledge, skills, beliefs, values, and interests—shapes the sense of who they are and where they fit in their family, school, community, and society.
  • Appreciate the Dynamics of Difference. Knowing what can go wrong in cross-cultural communication and how to respond to these situations.
  • Knowledge of Students' Culture. Educators must have some base knowledge of their students' culture so that student behaviors can be understood in their proper cultural context.

9:40 A.M. Transition to Session 1 

9:45 A.M. Session 1     The Green Zone - issues faced by student veterans - University of Northern Iowa

                                    Policing in Multicultural Communities – Mark Prosser - Police Chief Storm Lake

                                    Probing Diversity Artistically – Dr. Lena Hill - Iowa Interim Chief Diversity Officer

                                    Humanize my Hoodie – Jason Sole - NAACP Mineapolis President                           

10:35 A.M. Transition to Session 2

10:40 A.M. Session 2     Implicit Bias – Dr. Bev Smith – Waterloo Schools and Felicia Smith - City of Waterloo

                                    Re-Framing Master Narratives of Dis/ability Through an Affective Lens:

                                     Sophia Cruz’s LD Story at her Intersections – David Hernandez - University of Northern Iowa

                                    Overcoming Barriers to Effectively Working with Immigrants – Umaru Balde YWCA & Lisa Munoz - Hawkeye

                                    Building the Business Case for Diversity Chamber of Commerce

11:30 A.M. Transition to Session 3

11:35 P.M. Session 3       Beyond M/F: Supporting Gender Diversity – Emily Harsch - University of Northern Iowa

                                    Active Bystander Approach: Inclusive Campus Strategies – Alan Heisterkamp & Center for Violence Prevention

                                    How to Leverage Campus Strategies in the Business World – Liang Wee - President, Northeast Iowa Community College

                                    Examining the Criminal Justice System – Jason Sole - NAACP Minneapolis President

12:25 P.M. Break for Lunch - Reconvene 2:30pm at YWCA

2:30 P.M. Opening Remarks, UNI Chief Diversity Officer, Gwennette Berry

intro to Diversity & Community Engagement via the Strategic Plan at UNI

2:45 P.M. Jason Sole afternoon address –

“Education, Advocacy, and Policing: Supporting a School to Success Pipeline”

Participants will use collaborative round table discussions to develop an action plan, create measurable goals and leverage roles in the community to influence and promote inclusion and equity practices in Black Hawk County schools, institutions of higher learning, companies and the judicial system.

3:15 P.M. Public Forum Begins

Round tables include but are not limited to representatives from the following areas of focus:

·         Waterloo/Cedar Falls Public School Systems (teachers and administrators)

·         Arts and Youth Outreach

·         Neighborhood Engagement

·         Criminal Justice (law enforcement, juvenile court, probation, students, etc.)

·         Social Services (nonprofits, governmental, etc.)

·         Interfaith Communities

·         East Side Ministerial Alliance

·         Human Rights Commission

·         Iowa Workforce

·         Chamber of Commerce

4:55 P.M. Closing Remarks - Jason Sole

5:00 P.M. Conference Ends/Students Depart

5:30 P.M. – 7:00 P.M. Post Networking event – Rodney’s Kitchen

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