Faculty/Staff Support

The individuals listed below have indicated, via academic materials, a research interest or specialty related to diversity. Because UNI has chosen to define diversity in its broadest terms, the subject areas covered are wide, and include everything from culture to communication to civil rights. 

For more information, please contact the specific faculty or staff member listed. If you know someone at UNI who should be added to this list, feel free to contact the Office of Compliance and Equity Management, (319) 273-2846.

Staff Making a Difference
Faculty Making a Difference

College of Business Administration

College of Education

College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Staff Making a Difference

Celeste Bembry
Student Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, CHAS
E-mail: celeste.bembry@uni.edu
Interests: Recruitment and retention of under-represented Americans to UNI, cultural competency amongst the UNI community, cultural promotion through the arts

Clifford Coney
Senior Counselor, Educational Talent Search
E-mail: clifford.coney@uni.edu
Web site: https://eop.uni.edu/educational-talent-search/staff/clifford-coney
Interests: Cultural diversity in law enforcement, law enforcement issues 

Paula Gilroy
Psychologist, Assistant Director Training, Counseling Center
E-mail: paula.gilroy@uni.edu
Interests: LGBT issues, women therapists and the interaction between their personal issues and their work

Wilfred M. Johnson
Director, Classic Upward Bound
E-mail: wilfred.johnson@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.uni.edu/eop/cub/staff.htm
Interests: Student issues regarding diversity, recruiting and retaining students and faculty, developing communities, general diversity issues; Member: Board of Regents Diversity Task Force Committee, UNI Multicultural Recruitment Team, UNI Enrollment Council, UNI Leadership Advisory Board; chair: Wartburg College Diversity Board


Faculty Making a Difference

College of Business Administration

Shahina Amin
Associate Professor, Economics
E-mail: shahina.amin@uni.edu
Web site: UNI Business - Faculty & Staff - Shahina Amin
Interests: Child labor and gender employment issues in developing countries

Dale Cyphert
Associate Professor, Management
E-mail: dale.cyphert@uni.edu
Web site: UNI Business - Faculty & Staff - Dale Cyphert
Interests: Variations in decision-making norms across socioeconomic levels

Lisa Jepsen
Associate Professor, Economics
E-mail: lisa.jepsen@uni.edu
Web site: UNI Business - Faculty & Staff - Lisa Jepsen
Interests: Economic demography, labor economics and same-sex couples and the relationship between wages and sexual orientation 

Atul Mitra
Professor, Management
E-mail: atul.mitra@uni.edu
Web site: UNI Business - Faculty & Staff - Atul Mitra
Interests: Pay-for-knowledge systems, psychophysical analysis of compensation issues, international compensation analysis, cross-cultural issues and outsourcing

Mohammed Rawwas
Professor, Marketing
E-mail: mohammed.rawwas@uni.edu
Web site: UNI Business - Faculty & Staff - Mohammed Rawwas
Interest: Cross-cultural studies

Christine R. Schrage
Instructor, Marketing
E-mail: christine.schrage@uni.edu
Web site: UNI Business - Faculty & Staff - Christine R. Schrage​

Interests: International management and marketing, entrepreneurship and micro-credit operations, most involving women, in underdeveloped countries 

College of Education

Mingshui Cai
Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
E-mail: mingshui.cai@uni.edu
Interests: Multicultural children's and young adult literature, critical literacy

Lyn Countryman
Professor, Office of Student Field Experiences
E-mail: lyn.countryman@uni.edu
Interest: Gender equity in the science classroom

Michele K. Devlin
Professor, Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services
E-mail: michele.yehieli@uni.edu
Interests: Refugee, minority and immigrant care, cultural competency and health communication with underserved populations

Susan R. Dobie
Associate Professor, Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services
E-mail: susan.dobie@uni.edu
Web site: https://coe.uni.edu/kahhs/hpe/faculty-and-staff/susan-roberts-dobie
Interests: Health literacy and health disparities

Beth Van Meeteren
Instructor, Curriculum and Instruction
E-mail: beth.vanmeeteren@uni.edu
Interest: Needs of diverse learners

Linda M. Fitzgerald
Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
E-mail: linda.fitzgerald@uni.edu
Interests: Preparing teachers for diversity in their classrooms, with particular attention to inclusion regardless of ability level but also race, class and ethnicity, identifying dispositions for social justice

Barbara Gager
Academic Advisor, College of Education Student Advising
E-mail: barbara.gager@uni.edu
Interest: Needs of diverse learners

Timothy W. Gilson
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Postsecondary Education
E-mail: tim.gilson@uni.edu
Interests: Alternative education, at-risk issues for students, recruiting and retaining minority students

Leigh C. Martin
Instructor, Office of Student Field Experiences
Center Coordinator for Out-of-State and International Student Teaching

E-mail: leigh.martin@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.uni.edu/stdteach/centers/int/index.htm
Interest: Coordinating out-of-state and international student teaching

Lynn E. Nielsen
Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
E-mail: lynn.nielsen@uni.edu
Interests: Recruiting and retaining male elementary education majors

Nicholas J. Pace
Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Postsecondary Education
E-mail: nick.pace@uni.edu
Interest: How K-12 educational settings support LGBTQ youth

Mary Salazar Guenther
Instructor, Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services
E-mail: mary.guenther@uni.edu
Interests: Preparing teachers for diversity in their classrooms, with particular interest in social justice issues, multicultural literature, and differentiated curriculum 

Amy H. Staples
Associate Professor, Special Education
E-mail: amy.staples@uni.edu
Interest: Inclusion, social justice, cultural competence

Denise Tallakson
Instructor, Curriculum and Instruction
E-mail: denise.tallakson@uni.edu
Interest: Preparing teachers for diversity in their classrooms, with particular interest in multiple intelligences, integrating the arts, multicultural literature and differentiated curriculum

Deborah Tidwell
Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
E-mail: deborah.tidwell@uni.edu
Web site: https://coe.uni.edu/curriculum-instruction/faculty-and-staff/deborah-tid...
Interests: Diverse learners, bilingual education and multicultural education 

Jennifer J. Waldron
Associate Professor, Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Services
E-mail: jennifer.waldron@uni.edu
Interests: Gender and sexual orientation in sport/physical activity; feminist theory; queer theory 

College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences

Kenneth Atkinson
Associate Professor, History
E-mail: kenneth.atkinson@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.uni.edu/atkinson
Interests: Religion, Middle Eastern religions, inter-religious dialogue

Melissa Beall
Professor, Communication Studies
E-mail: melissa.beall@uni.edu
Interest: Culture 

Harry Brod
Professor, Philosophy and World Religions
E-mail: harry.brod@uni.edu
Interests: Gender studies, Jewish studies, social and political philosophy, humanities, history of philosophy, applied ethics, feminism, work of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Joyce Chen
Associate Professor, Communication Studies
E-mail: joyce.chen@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.uni.edu/~chen/
Interest: Media, culture and society 

Scharron A. Clayton
Associate Professor, Philosophy and World Religions
E-mail: scharron.clayton@uni.edu
Interests: Ethnic and cultural studies, African American culture, human relations

Betty A. DeBerg
Professor, Philosophy and World Religions
E-mail: betty.deberg@uni.edu
Interests: Religion and culture in the United States, women and religion, history of Christianity

Victoria P. DeFrancisco
Professor, Communication Studies
Diversity Fellow, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

E-mail: victoria.defrancisco@uni.edu
Interests: Gender, intercultural communication, feminist theory

Cynthia Goatley
Professor, Theatre
E-mail: cynthia.goatley@uni.edu
Web site: https://theatre.uni.edu/cynthia-goatley
Interest: Shows and performances related to diversity 

Vince Gotera
North American Review Editor & Professor, Languages and Literatures
E-mail: vince.gotera@uni.edu
Interests: Multicultural literature, especially Asian American; American literature, Vietnam War studies

David M. Grant
Assistant Professor, Languages and Literatures
E-mail: david.grant@uni.edu
Interests: Native American literature and rhetoric, teaching of writing to Navajo students; Anglo student interactions with Lakota culture and notions of literacy and rhetorical action, including acknowledging marginalized literacies about natural, urban and virtual environments

Susan Hill
Professor, Philosophy and World Religions
E-mail: susan.hill@uni.edu
Interests: Religion and literature, history of Christianity, feminism and gender, queer studies

Randy A. Hogancamp
Associate Professor, School of Music
E-mail: randy.hogancamp@uni.edu
Interest: Non-Western drumming (Africa - Ewe and Malinke; Japan - Taiko)

Margaret G. Holland
Associate Professor, Philosophy and World Religions
E-mail: margaret.holland@uni.edu
Interests: Ethics, history of philosophy, philosophy and literature, feminist theory

Julie E. Husband
Interim Department Head and Associate Professor, Languages and Literatures
E-mail: julie.husband@uni.edu
Interest: Effect of anti-slavery icons

Christopher R. Martin
Department Head & Professor, Communication Studies
E-mail: christopher.martin@uni.edu
Web site: http://mediacrit.com
Interests: Mass media representations of labor and the working class, class inequality; history of television representations of race, class and gender

Karen Mitchell
Professor, Communication Studies
E-mail: karen.mitchell@uni.edu
Interests: Gender studies, performance and social change

Pierre D. Mvuyekure
Professor, Languages and Literatures
E-mail: pierre.mvuyekure@uni.edu
Interests: Multicultural literature, African American/African Diaspora literatures, post-colonial studies and theory, blues and jazz in literature and film

Anne G. Myles
Associate Professor, Languages and Literatures
E-mail: anne.myles@uni.edu
Interests: Slavery, the religious imagination, American women writers, gender studies

Catherine H. Palczewski
Professor, Communication Studies
E-mail: catherine.palczewski@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.uni.edu/palczews
Interests: Feminist theory and criticism, gender in communication, Native American rhetoric, social protest

Martha J. Reineke
Professor, Philosophy and World Religions
E-mail: martha.reineke@uni.edu
Interests: Feminist theory, religion and society, existentialism, religion and psychoanalysis

James B. Robinson
Associate Professor, Philosophy and World Religions
E-mail: james.robinson@uni.edu
Interests: Tibetan Buddhism, Asian religions, history of religions

Laura Terlip
Associate Professor, Communication Studies
E-mail: laura.terlip@uni.edu
Interest: Building multicultural organizations

Mohammed F. Fahmy
Professor, Technology
E-mail: mohammed.fahmy@uni.edu
Interests: Islamic history, interfaith relationships, Middle East culture and history

Douglas R. Hotek
Associate Professor, Technology
E-mail: doug.hotek@uni.edu
Interests: Women teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at the secondary level, identities of individuals and groups who learn and work in the world of technology

Catherine M. Miller
Associate Professor, Mathematics
CTE Diversity Committee Co-Chair

E-mail: catherine.miller@uni.edu
Interests: Assessing field experiences for diversity, how Teacher Education programs can better prepare graduates to succeed in diverse classrooms, preparing teacher candidates to embrace and implement the Diversity Principle

Robert D. Seager
Professor, Biology
E-mail: seager@uni.edu
Interest: Relationships between science and religion 

V. Eugene Wallingford
Department Head & Associate Professor, Computer Science
E-mail: wallingf@cs.uni.edu
Interest: Increasing participation in computer science, and in science and engineering more generally, among underrepresented groups, including women and minorities

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Pita Ogaba Agbese
Professor, Political Science
E-mail: pita.agbese@uni.edu
Interests: Third World politics, African politics, international relations, international law

Phyllis Baker
Department Head and Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology
E-mail: phyllis.baker@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.uni.edu/womenstudies/
Interests: Women's and gender issues 

Barbara A. Cutter
Associate Professor, Women's & Gender Studies
E-mail: barbara.cutter@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.uni.edu/cutter/default.htm
Interests: Women's and gender history, cultural history, 19th century United States 

Cynthia D. Dunn
Associate Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology
E-mail: cyndi.dunn@uni.edu
Interests: Language and culture, gender, emotion, Japan 

Xavier Escandell
Associate Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology
E-mail: xavier.escandell@uni.edu
Interests: Immigration and transnationalism, political sociology, Latin America, European Union 

Wm Michael Fleming
Associate Professor, School of Applied Human Sciences
E-mail: michael.fleming@uni.edu
Interest: Etiology of male coercive behaviors and attitudes, fathering and non-residential father-child relationships/father adolescent relationships, divorce and predictors of post-divorce adjustment 

Carissa M. Froyum Roise
Assistant Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology
E-mail: carissa.froyum@uni.edu
Interests: Social inequality (race, class, gender), sexuality, sociology of families, feminist theory 

Michael B. Gasser
Professor, Psychology
E-mail: michael.gasser@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.uni.edu/~gasser/index.html
Interests: Personnel in intercultural environments, differences in pay expectations (what group differences exist and how pay expectations influence important social outcomes) 

Mark Grey
Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology
Director, Iowa Center for Immigrant Leadership and Integration

E-mail: mark.grey@uni.edu
Interests: Ethnic relations, social change, Southern Africa, U.S. rural communities 

Helen C. Harton
Professor, Psychology
Coordinator, Psychology Graduate Studies

E-mail: helen.harton@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.uni.edu/harton
Interests: Attitudes, social influence, prejudice, relationship satisfaction and jealousy, complex systems theory, computer applications 

Robert T. Hitlan
Associate Professor, Psychology
E-mail: rob.hitlan@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.uni.edu/~hitlan
Interests: Social ostracism, harassment including sexual, ethnic and bystander harassment experiences; emerging workplace diversity issues including ethnicity, bilingualism and workplace exclusion

Laura E. Kaplan
Associate Professor, Social Work
Diversity Fellow, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

E-mail: laura.kaplan@uni.edu
Interests: Ethics and moral reasoning, sexual, racial and ethnic minority concerns, HIV/AIDS, women, disparities in access and treatment 

Alexandra M. Kogl
Associate Professor, Political Science
E-mail: ana.kogl@uni.edu
Interests: Feminist theory, feminist and political economy (gender and work-life balance) 

Jian Li
Associate Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology
E-mail: lee.jli@uni.edu
Interests: Medical anthropology, development and health, health equity, anthropological theory, peoples and cultures of China 

Annette F. Lynch
Professor, School of Applied Human Sciences
E-mail: annette.lynch@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.uni.edu/lynch/
Interests: Role of dress in negotiating cultural change, role of dress in the transmission and reconstruction of gender, design and marketing of African textiles, role of dress in ritual expressions of identity, impact of mass media on constructor of transgender identity, anthropological fieldwork in Nigeria focused upon impact of cultural change and urbanization on production and marketing of traditional textile and apparel products 

Otto MacLin
Professor, Psychology
E-mail: otto.maclin@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.uni.edu/~maclino
Interest: Cross-racial identifications 

Robert F. Martin
Department Head & Professor, History
E-mail: robert.martin@uni.edu
Interest: The life and work of 19th century activist and reformer Annie Wittenmyer 

Alex Oberle
Associate Professor, Geography
E-mail: alex.oberle@uni.edu
Interests: Hispanic urban settlement in the U.S., Latino and Asian immigrant entrepreneurship, Mexican immigrant and Mexican-American ethnic economies, comparative Asian settlement patterns in the U.S. and Canada 

John H. Owusu
Associate Professor, Geography
E-mail: j.henry.owusu@uni.edu
Interests: Role of the human factor in Third World development, globalization 

Laura Praglin
Associate Professor, Social Work
E-mail: laura.praglin@uni.edu
Interests: Minority group relations, immigrant and refugee populations 

Gayle M. Rhineberger-Dunn
Associate Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology
E-mail: gayle.rhineberger@uni.edu
Interests: Crime and social inequality (primarily race, ethnicity and class), popular culture and crime, communities and crime 

Marybeth Stalp
Associate Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology
E-mail: marybeth.stalp@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.uni.edu/stalp
Interests: Sociology of gender, culture, leisure, qualitative methods 

Katherine S. van Wormer
Professor, Social Work
E-mail: katherine.vanwormer@uni.edu
Web site: http://www.katherinevanwormer.com
Interests: Women in prison, race, gender and class in the criminal justice system, gay/lesbian issues and oppression 

Anne Woodrick
Professor, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology
E-mail: anne.woodrick@uni.edu
Interests: Religion and community identity, religion and personal identity, rural Latin America, Latino immigration in the U.S.