NISG Diversity Initiatives

**Information and resources regarding the University of Northern Iowa's response to COVID-19 and plans to return to campus can be found on the UNI Forward Together website.

UNI's Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG) has put together a list of resources, contacts and useful information that may be helpful to the university community as we continue to champion diversity as a core value of our institution.

For any questions or concerns on the resources found on this page, please reach out to the NISG Director of Diversity at

Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Office Directory

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice (DIS) is a cohesive unit that will advance inclusion and social justice through advocacy and support of underrepresented and marginalized students, provide diversity education for all its community members, and promote a safe and welcoming environment that fosters academic success, a sense of belonging, and respect for all people and cultures.


I Need Help Paying For College

I Would Like Help With My Classes

Who Can Help With My Health And Wellness?

How Can I Get Involved On Campus?

Other UNI resources include a variety of ethnic and cultural organizations such as:

  • African Union

  • Asian Student Union

  • Black Student Union

  • Deaf Cultural Experience

  • Ethnic Student Promoters

  • International Student Association

  • International Student Promoters

  • UNIdos (Hispanic/Latino Student Union)

Visit the Student Organizations webpage for a full listing.


How Can I Report An Issue?

Title IX Reporting Form:


Community Resources