Northern Iowa Student Government Diversity Statement

The Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG) embraces and appreciates all that diversity brings to the University of Northern Iowa. NISG promotes not only tolerance of, but also the greatest appreciation for all individuals regardless of race, sex, gender or gender identity, creed, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation. NISG strives to represent and involve students from all backgrounds and experiences so that the life of the student body, and greater Cedar Valley Community, remains vibrant and continues to flourish. NISG embraces a philosophy that recognizes the strength that diversity brings to the concept of community, where each person’s unique voice is heard and can contribute to the overall picture of the student experience.


The Northern Iowa Student Government's vision for diversity is to promote a climate in which students are able to work together to achieve harmony through collaboration to produce and participate in educational programming and social events. 


NISG's diversity mission is to build and support a network of student organizations that are fully engaged in the process of making the university an educational environment which celebrates the variety of contributions and differences each student can offer to the student body.

Diversity Matters Fund

The Diversity Matters Fund was established in early 2010 through a grant from the University's Diversity Council (per chair Dr. Terry Hogan, Vice President for Student Affairs) to the Northern Iowa Student Government.

More information on the Diversity Matters Fund, the Diversity Matters Fund Advisory Committee, and the Committee's operating procedures can be found at