Diversity Matters

University Programs and Initiatives



Accessibility at UNIthis page serves as a central resource for students, faculty, and staff who are seeking information regarding accessibility across campus.
Camp MultimediaThis overnight camp is a great way for media-inclined high school students to gain exposure to the digital world while working with award-winning industry experts.
Campus Climate SurveysThis survey, administered in 2009 and 2011, asked faculty, staff, employees, and students about the University's climate.
Disability Etiquette (OCEM)This page provides guidelines on interacting with individuals with disabilities to further promote a campus of inclusiveness and respect.
Ethnic Student PromotersBased in the Office of Admissions, this is a group of ethnically diverse students who promote the University.
Hiring Toolkit (OCEM)The Office has created a Hiring Toolkit to assist UNI search committee members in the recruitment and hiring process.
Multicultural Initiatives in Teaching ProgramMIT is a partnership between the University of Iowa school districts, designed to increase the number of ethnically diverse teachers in Iowa schools.
Women's and Gender Studies ProgramWith both an undergraduate and graduate program, Women's and Gender Studies features a curriculum that places women at the center of inquiry.