Diversity Matters


How to Make a Difference

Diversity DictionaryThis page contains several definitions related to diversity.
Diversity Mini-GrantsThis link leads to the Diversity Mini-Grant application as well as information on previous winners of the Grants. The Diversity Mini-Grants are awarded to align with the definition, mission, and vision of diversity at UNI. Anyone working at or enrolled at UNI may apply for up to $1,500 to support diversity-related projects and initiatives.
Gifts, Grants and ContractsThis provides links to full abstracts for diversity-related gifts, grants, and contracts that the University has received.
Greater Cedar Valley and state of Iowa ResourcesThis is a compilation of state and local resources, including government center and offices as well as community initiatives that are directly involved with diversity issues.
Questions to Consider While Planning and EventThis page addresses considerations that should be made when needing to make an event more accessible.
Online ResourcesThis resource clearinghouse includes information gathered from across the Internet related to diversity in high education, hiring, etc.
University Centers and OfficesThis is a compilation of University centers and offices that are directly involved with diversity issues.
University Programs and Initiatives

This page provides a brief description of, and links to, programs and initiatives that are enhancing diversity at the University of Northern Iowa, including the campus climate studies.

Updated Publications on Employment Rights of People with Specific Disabilities

The EEOC has released four revised publications on protection against disability discrimination in the work place.

Web Accessibility

This webpage provides information about how websites can be made accessible for all of society. If you have any questions, please contact Carolyn Dorr in University Relations.